Fashion experts at have analyzed Google data to reveal the hottest fashion trends for this Valentine’s and Galentine’s Day and how to style them.  With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to plan your outfit. Analyzing Google Data to identify this season’s style trends offered inspiration to express love and self-love through different clothing pieces to make Valentine’s Day perfectly special.

Red Hot

From scarlet to cherry hues, this season’s hottest color is bold red to exude romance and passion. Red has been the hottest color since last year and the trend isn’t going anywhere. US Google searches for ‘red dress’ surged by 62% in the last 90 days.  Heart prints, textured dresses, red lace, and flowing maxi dresses make the list of perfect romantic fashion ideas.

For added allure, try matching your lipstick or lip gloss to the shade of red of your dress. And don’t forget to reapply in between eating and drinking to ensure that you’re camera-ready for those Valentine’s Day picture-perfect moments. 

I ❤️ Your Print

Heart prints and patterns are popular choices among fashionistas this season. US Google searches for ‘heart dress’ have soared by 113% in the last 90 days. To fully embrace Valentine’s Day, step outside of your comfort zone with oversized heart print dresses. Pair your dress with simple heels for an elegant touch or opt for chunky boots for a more relaxed look. 

Yes, Frills!

Texture has been a hot trend through 2023. It is continuing this year with fashion enthusiasts experimenting with lace, layering, and mesh. In particular, ‘frilly tops’ are in right now, with worldwide Google searches increasing by a significant 64% in the past 30 days. Pair a textured piece with equally bold jewelry to feel your most confident and fun self on Valentine’s Day. Alternatively, balance the frills with dainty gold or silver jewelry to focus all attention on the flirty textured attire.


Glam up your Valentine’s Date night with the perfect pair of heels. And whether low or high, you’ll be feeling red-carpet-ready heels with an optional sparkly bow detail. With Google searches for fashion ‘bow heels’ increasing by 38% in the last 12 months in the US, you’ll be fully on trend.

Alternatively, try a pair of block heels to coordinate with your outfit. Worldwide Google searches for ‘baby pink heels’ have exploded by 78% in the last 30 days. Baby pinks give you the perfect opportunity to add a soft and more subtle touch to your look. Of course, if you want your shoes to be THE statement, try a stand-out heel. ‘Hot pink heels’ Google search volume has soared by 358% in the past 30 days in the US.

Lounge Around

What could be more adorable than matching pajamas with your date or your best friends on Valentine’s Day? After your romantic date or cozy date night in, the perfect way to round off this special day is to wear some red, pink, or heart-print pajamas that match whoever you’re with. In the US, ‘heart pajamas’ have skyrocketed by 349% in worldwide Google searches in the last 12 months, signifying the popularity of this Valentine’s Day trend.

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