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Y&R’s Jack Abbott On-Demand, Diane Jenkins Left In The Dust

Both Nikki Newman & Ashley Abbott have Jack Abbott on-demand on Young & the Restless. How long will Diane Jenkins tolerate Jack Abbott’s full attention


Phyllis Squashed The Bug, Sold Out at Crimson Lights

Phyllis squashed The Bug at Crimson Lights on Young & the Restless. No one was there to see besides the coffeehouse staff. If only Sharon


Aunt Jordan’s New Pawn, Not New to Nikki

Claire is off the hook for now on Y&R. Aunt Jordan’s new pawn is Nikki’s last AA sponsor, Seth. Somehow Aunt Jordan knew exactly where


The Romalotti Clan is OUT, Now Hiring at C-W

The Romalotti Clan is OUT… If Devon has anything to do with it. Who or what will replace Daniel, Heather, & Phyllis at Chancellor Winters?