Hmmmm… Ashley’s Friend Alan never mentioned he had a brother, let alone an identical twin brother who’s a sociopath. Alan surely knew about Ashley’s siblings. Something has been up with Alan since he landed in the States & now there’s more…

This week’s Weekly #WTF on Y&R

When Crazy Relatives Aren’t Talked About, There’s Fall Out

How is it possible that Ashley’s friend Alan Laurent (Christopher Cousins) never-ever mentioned his sociopath-identical-twin-brother Martin? Alan has got to know plenty about Ashley Abbott’s (Eileen Davidson) siblings. Don’t friends talk about their families? As it turns out, Alan’s brother Martin was quite the detail to leave out of his & Ashley’s close friendship. If Ashley hadn’t encountered Martin, she wouldn’t have three add-on personalities & Martin would still be alive.

Ashley's friend Alan (Martin) on Y&R.

Y&R’s Martin In & Out… Or Still in for Traci Abbott?…

Ashley’s friend Alan’s sociopath-identical-twin-brother died as fast as he landed on Young & the Restless. Or, did he? Is everyone sure that crazy Martin is dead? Or, is Alan really dead & Martin is playing the part of Alan?

Regardless, whichever Laurent brother is still alive enjoyed “a moment” with Ashley’s lovely sister Traci Abbott (Beth Maitland) & sparks are about to fly. Let’s hope for the most lovely, kind-hearted, & patient lady on Young & the Restless that the Laurent brother not dead is Alan.

If it Isn’t Alan or Martin, Will Traci Fall for Y&R’s Tucker?

Is it possible that a spark or 2 could fly between everyone’s favorite Aunt Traci & Y&R’s funniest man Tucker McCall (Trevor St. John)? Even though Traci is the sweetest of all the sweetest women, maybe her sister Ashley has it coming. Didn’t Ashley Abbott somehow snag Traci’s one-time husband Brad Carlton (Don Diamont) from her many years ago?

Now that Ashley Abbott is checking herself in for help just outside of Paris to dig into her past, her life with the now-deceased Brad Carlton will be revisited & more. Don Diamont is still alive over on The Bold & the Beautiful. Perhaps he will visit Ashley in her dreams as Bradley Carlton…

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