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After nearly 50 years, water back on the global agenda

The last time the world gathered to discuss global water issues was the year the first “Star Wars” film was released.  In the 46 years


In new TED talk, doctor prescribes conservation

“I am a medical oddity — I’m a doctor who specializes in saving forests.” So begins a new TED talk by Dr. Neil Vora, an


How nature can fight climate change — and how it can’t

Not long ago, the idea that nature could be humanity’s ally against climate change was not widely known, to say the least.  Research has shown


As climate crisis escalates, so too could human-elephant clashes

One day in 2022, a man in southern India took a walk outside of his village to work on his tea garden. Having called ahead


In Bolivia, a ‘conservation mosaic’ gets another (big) piece

In the remote lowland forests of northwestern Bolivia, a small municipality has taken a big step to protect one of the Amazon’s most biodiverse regions.  


Women in STEM speak up

It’s a simple formula: More women in science equals more impactful and innovative science. Studies have found that scientific teams made up of women and