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AI is boring; liberal anti-culture; misguided Catholic feminism

[ad_1] Jun 12, 2023 This episode features highlights from episodes 61 and 67 of the Catholic Culture Podcast, and from an early episode of Criteria:


The Catholic Culture Podcast: 161 – Making Gerard Manley Hopkins Accessible

[ad_1] Jul 7, 2023 Gerard Manley Hopkins, S.J. (1844-1889) is one of the poets best loved by Catholics. Immediately accessible in its abundant musical qualities,


The Catholic Culture Podcast: 162 – Saints Who Inspired Saints

[ad_1] Jul 13, 2023 Kimberly Begg joins the podcast to discuss her new book, Unbreakable: Saints Who Inspired Saints to Moral Courage. The book tells the


The Catholic Culture Podcast: 163 – Reconciling Distributism and Economics

[ad_1] Jul 24, 2023 Distributism, the social-political-economic philosophy advanced by G.K. Chesterton and Hilaire Belloc under the influence of Catholic social teaching, offers intriguing ways


Cultural appropriation, ugly beauty, English poet-martyrs, Polish cinema

[ad_1] Aug 9, 2023 Looking back at highlights from past episodes of the Catholic Culture Podcast and Criteria: The Catholic Film Podcast. Full episodes below:


The Catholic Culture Podcast: 164 – When “engaging the culture” means loving mediocrity

[ad_1] Aug 17, 2023 Today it’s taken for granted that we as Christians are called to “engage the culture” in order to evangelize. Often “engaging


The Catholic Culture Podcast: 176 – God and the City

[ad_1] Mar 25, 2024 One of the most brilliant philosophers working today, D.C. Schindler, returns to the Catholic Culture Podcast to discuss his latest book,


The Catholic Culture Podcast: 165

[ad_1] Aug 24, 2023 Anyone who went through confirmation prep at some point learned the list of the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. But


The Catholic Culture Podcast: 166

[ad_1] Sep 5, 2023 St. John of the Cross is not only one of the Church’s greatest mystics, but also one of the most important


The Catholic Culture Podcast: 167 – Early Feminism Was Worse Than You Think

[ad_1] Sep 15, 2023 Catholic critics of feminism often start with the assumption that the “first wave” of feminism, led by 19th-century figures such as