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Alexis Ohanian shrugs off omission from Reddit IPO filing

Nineteen years after its founding, online forum Reddit is going public. But what should have been a joyous (and likely remunerative) affair for its two


Walmart sales are up, but it’s flashing a warning sign about buying habits

Walmart ended its fiscal year with strong sales numbers but joined a chorus of large direct-to-consumer businesses in warning that Americans are pulling back on


Stellantis CEO: Chinese EVs danger to his carmaker, Tesla

One major problem for automakers as they transition to electric vehicles is that traditional cars still generally cost less. That matters to everyday car shoppers


How much does a health coach make?

Thanks to a growing self-care movement, as well as rising interest in holistic and sustainable approaches to health, the field of health coaching is gaining


Videos show San Francisco crowd destroying Waymo robotaxi

In San Francisco’s Chinatown, amid Lunar New Year celebrations, a crowd surrounded the autonomous vehicle, broke its windows, and set off fireworks inside it, setting


Ukraine: Starlink used by Putin’s forces near frontline

Ukrainian military intelligence said Russian forces increasingly use Starlink terminals on the frontline, a new twist in Kyiv’s uneasy relationship with Elon Musk’s internet service. Intercepted


How Hsinchu Science Park became the center of the global chip industry

If you drive for about an hour south of Taipei, you’ll stumble upon one of the most important plots of land for the global economy.


Which party got more votes in Pakistan 2024: Imran Khan election

Imran Khan was jailed and silenced. His colleagues were barred from contesting Pakistan’s election under their party’s name. They weren’t even allowed to use its


How many seats needed to win election in Pakistan: Imran Khan

Imran Khan’s supporters demonstrated in key cities across Pakistan as two rival parties held talks to form a government even though Khan loyalists won the