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Xbox controllers are on sale for $44 each, plus the rest of the week’s best tech deals

The end of another week is upon us, which means it’s time for another round up of the best deals on some of the tech


Acer’s latest Swift laptops have AMD 8040 chips with Ryzen AI support

Acer unveiled a pair of AMD Ryzen 8040 series laptops on Tuesday. Unsurprisingly, given their chips’ dedicated neural processing units (NPU), the company is marketing


NASA is looking for volunteers to live in its Mars simulation for a year

If extreme challenges are your cup of tea, has the perfect opportunity for you. The space agency put out a call on Friday for volunteers


Showtime’s latest trailer shows off four new transformations

Nintendo’s next first-party Switch title is almost here. Princess Peach: Showtime and the company to keep the hype train rolling. The game’s primary hook is


Apple reaches possible settlement with the startup it sued for trade secret theft

Apple has reached a possible settlement with Rivos, the Mountain View startup it accused in 2022 of poaching its employees and stealing its trade secrets.


Foldable iPhone rumors, Rogan’s new Spotify deal and more

Welcome to the weekend. First, read our Vision Pro review, but also try not to look directly at Devindra’s Vision Pro avatar. I think it