Y&R’s Claire is found by the two most unlikely suspects alongside an unknown dead woman, & no one cares.

Something smells in Genoa City & it isn’t just that unknown dead woman…

This week’s Weekly #WTF on Y&R

The Keys to Finding Y&R’s Claire… Billy Abbott?!?…

Well, how in the hell on Y&R? Young & the Restless fans have SO many questions…

Y&R's Claire is found by Victoria & Cole, The Keys...

Um, Question #1… Since when has Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) kept a storage unit in Genoa City? This detail has never crossed one single Y&R fan’s mind. However, after thinking about all of Billy Boy’s bouncing in & out of relationships & living quarters, this detail makes some sense.

Question #2… Where does Billy Abbott live right now? He does not live inside the Abbott Estate, or the Pool House. Billy goes to Chelsea Lawson’s (Melissa Claire Egan) apartment for intimate visits &/or support from time to time, but he does not live there. With this being said, Billy Boy does need a storage unit.

Last Question… If this is the prime time for Billy Boy Abbott needing a storage facility, why doesn’t he have one? Or, does he still have one??

Y&R’s Claire is Found, Random Dead Woman in Storage

Regardless of Billy Abbott’s current personal storage situation, both Claire Grace (Hayley Erin) & a random stinky dead woman were found in a storage facility in Genoa City where at least at one time, Billy stored his stuff.

Young & the Restless fans …not so much Genoa City residents… are wondering who in the hell the dead woman found with Claire is. Also, why doesn’t anyone in Genoa City care? Speaking of people in Genoa City, how about the most unexpected founders of Claire & the random dead woman, Victoria Newman (Ameilia Heinle) & Cole Howard (J. Eddie Peck)?

Billy Boy, Aunt Jordan, & Dave the Driver on Y&R…

Billy Boy Abbott & Aunt Jordan (Colleen Zenk) for sure have ties to the storage unit where Claire & the dead woman were found, but does Dave the Driver as well?

It was Dave the Driver that provided Aunt Jordan with the means to kidnap both Claire & Harrison. How long was Dave the Driver & Jordan together? Did Dave the Driver assist in dumping Claire in the storage unit? Was the random dead woman not dead when they arrived & Jordan “took care of her?”

Young & the Restless fans & Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) are the only people who know that Aunt Jordan is still alive.

How long before the random dead woman in the storage unit comes up in conversation as Claire talks about her experience being kidnapped by Jordan? Will Billy Abbott’s usage of this storage facility bring questions? Has Dave the Driver already left town to avoid questioning?

Will Victoria & Cole ever be held accountable for leaving a dead body behind without calling authorities?

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