Between Kyle Abbott’s behavior, Adam & Chelsea “being there for their son,” & Phyllis Summer coining “Scary Poppins.” there were plenty of opportunities last week for Young & the Restless Fans to wonder WTF on Y&R.

This week’s (3) Weekly #WTFs on Y&R

Kyle Abbott Hates His Parents, Already Loves Claire Grace

Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) could not have been more of an entitled little asshole to his parents Diane Jenkins (Susan Walters) & Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman). However, at Society, Kyle Abbott could not be anymore already in love with his son Harrison’s new nanny Claire Grace (Hayley Erin).

If this isn’t the face of Kyle Abbott already in love, he doesn’t have one for that…

Kyle Abbott after dinner with Claire Grace at Society on Y&R.

Is Kyle Abbott experiencing some level of bipolar? Mental health challenges seem contagious in Genoa City on Young & the Restless. Kyle left nothing off the table while screaming at his mother at the Abbott House & was almost as rude to his dad, Jack Abbott. Smilin’ Jack Abbott isn’t smiling right now. He’s gone straight to “The Mustache” Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) to mandate he stay away from his wife & his son. Young & the Restless fans are pretty confident that Victor does not care about what Jack Abbott says & is not threatened at all.

Has self-centered Kyle Abbott realized that if he begins dating his son’s nanny, he will need to hire another new nanny? At least Summer Newman (Allison Lanier) will be pleased. Unless Kyle hires his BFF Mariah Copeland (Camryn Grimes) as she isn’t so busy at her mother Sharon Newman’s (Sharon Case) new company, & she has Aria who doesn’t seem to have a nanny at all.

Trying to Get to Sleep in Heels, Hot Mess Chelsea on Y&R

Poor Chelsea Lawson (Melissa Claire Egan) on Young & the Restless. She found herself so late at night thinking about her soon Connor & not being able to fall asleep. Maybe take your heels off Chelsea & put on some comfortable clothing.

Chelsea Lawson, late night in heels in Baltimore on Young & the Restless.

That outfit on Chelsea was actually quite cute, but who is going to fall asleep in that?? C’mon, Y&R!

Well, apparently it worked out for Chelsea inside her hot-mess-mind. Her ex-husband & the father of her child with OCD also could not sleep so he swung by Chelsea’s room with some really nice bourbon. Then after some chatting, crying, & drinking more bourbon, Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) & Chelsea hit the sheets…

Look at the fear in Adam’s eyes… He has regret, but does Chelsea?

Adam's fear after hitting the sheets with Chelsea in Baltimore on Young & the Restless.

Adam feels is best to keep this instance of poor judgement between the two of them & Chelsea agrees, but does she really? Chelsea has been a hot mess & still is. If she couldn’t keep her biological connection to Johnny Abbott to herself, she’s not going to be able to keep this secret to herself either.

The Eyes of Scary Poppins on Young & the Restless

Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) freaking nailed it when she called Claire Grace “Scary Poppins” when visiting with Summer & her dad Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) at Crimson Lights. Look at those eyes…

Claire Grace as "Scary Poppins" on Young & the Restless.

Are those the eyes of a safe & responsible nanny for Harrison, or Scrry Poppins?

Summer Newman obviously is no fan at all of Claire. Wait until she finds out about Kyle & Claire’s dinner date, & then when she finds out that Kyle told Claire before telling her that he & Harrison are planning on moving out of the Abbott house.

Will Summer be smart enough to not try to outsmart someone with those eyes?

The (3) WTFs on Y&R, Your Favorite, Week of 7.1.2024

Which WTF on Y&R was YOUR favorite this week?

  1. Kyle Abbott’s lovey-dovey face after having dinner with his son’s new nanny.
  2. Chelsea Lawson struggling to get a sleep while wearing high heels in her hotel room.
  3. Scary Poppins’ Eyes.

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