Tucker by Trevor leaving Young & the Restless is even more ridiculous than when he arrived in Genoa City in a helicopter landing in the Abbott’s yard during Summer & Kyle’s vow renewal.

At this point, Tucker McCall is not welcome in Genoa City on Young & Restless unless the quick-witted Trevor St. John plays him.

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Tucker by Trevor In & Out of Genoa City on Y&R

Tucker McCall played by Trevor St. John didn’t immediately click with Young & the Restless fans. After all, Tucker wasn’t the most liked character in Genoa City & he decided to land in the Abbott Estate yard when he flew back into town. Who does that?

Tucker by Trevor flies into Genoa City on Y&R

The supposed love of his life Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson) wasn’t even there.

Tucker Tracks Down Ashley, Jack Abbott’s New Roommate

After Tucker by Trevor finally tracked down Ashley & they fell in love again, Tucker McCall moved into the Abbott Estate. Young & the Restless hadn’t seen that much fun since the Newman Media Launch Party with Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) & Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) throwing drinks at one another.

Could Tucker’s impressions of Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) be any more funny?

Tucker McCall's hair by Trevor St. John on Y&R, Abbott Estate

Young & the Restless fans can totally understand why one would want to move out of the Abbott Estate, but for entertainment purposes, Tucker’s stay there helped fans fall in love… & Ashley & Tucker’s witty banter up until 10 minutes into their honeymoon in Paris locked Tucker by Trevor in.

Tucker & Ashley on Young & the Restless

Tucker McCall LOVES Dom, Pushed Out by Devon on Y&R

Seriously, how cute has Tucker by Trevor been with little Dominic? His rich-entitled-pain-in-the-ass-son Devon Hamilton Now Winters (Bryton James) was initially brought on to be a sperm donor for the then Abby Newman Abbott Chancellor (Melissa Ordway) & her then husband Chance Chancellor (Connor Floyd). Since Devon & Abby cheated on their previous serious lovers, Devon has become Dom’s main dad. Ergo, Tucker McCall is Dom’s Grandpa.

Tucker & Dominic on Young & the Restless

Tucker by Trevor is so good with little Dominic. Why is Devon such an ass? What if Tucker could stay in Genoa City & Devon could go away?

Tucker’s Ongoing Colleague with Benefits, Audra Charles

Tucker & his protege Audra Charles (Zuleyka Silver) have been off & on acquainted in & out of bed since they met way back when in Europe. Tucker & Audra invented “Colleagues with Benefits” & literally do it best.

Tucker & Audra in bed, Young & the Restless

Now Tucker by Trevor has left Young & the Restless fans & another version of Audra Charles & Kyle Abbott’s (Michael Mealor) way less exciting & pretty dumb version of Colleagues with Benefits is coming soon.

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