If you’re into metal, then you know the name Will Putney. Outside playing guitar in Fit For An Autopsy, Better Lovers, and End, Putney has worked everyone from The Acacia Strain and Impending Doom, to Unearth and Thy Art Is Murder… and that’s barely even scratching the surface.

Of the many people impressed with Putney include Body Count vocalist (and prolific rapper) Ice-T, who recently compared Putney to legendary hip hop producer Dr. Dre. In an interview with Metal Hammer, Ice-T praised Putney‘s ability to make bands sound like themselves without interjecting some overarching, Putney-esque sound across it all.

“Well, I’ve always said that Dre is the best hip-hop producer, because he makes band’s sound like themselves but dope,” said Ice-T. “Meaning Eminem does not sound like 50 Cent, 50 Cent does not sound like Snoop, Snoop does not sound like Game, Game does not sound like Kendrick Lamar. Will has the ability to work with all kinds of metal bands and make them all sound like themselves.”

He added: “We don’t sound like Fit For An Autopsy! A lot of producers make the band sound like the producer and not the band. The ability to listen to Body Count and make us sound like Body Count, I don’t know any other producers that have that ability. He does five bands, and they all sound dope, and they all sound different. That’s an ability to understand what that band is.”

Ice-T also touched on the new Body Count single “Psychopath”, noting that Putney totally got the horror element the band was going for.

“I always say that Body Count is Grindhouse. We’re a Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez movie. We’re outrageous, it’s funny and sometimes it’s serious, but not everyone gets our music. On ‘Psychopath,’ the girl screaming is my daughter and my wife in a bathroom on a cellphone and Will‘s like ‘Yeah!’ and he adds a fucking chainsaw! He gets what we’re doing. He’s the best.”

Check out “Psychopath” below featuring Fit For An Autopsy vocalist Joe Badolato.

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