After debuting a new song in 2023 at the Sick New World festival, Kittie hit the studio with producer Nick Raskulinecz (Mastodon, Ghost, Trivium, etc.) at Sienna Studios in Nashville. Now it seems we’re about to hear what they’ve been working on! Kittie has taken to their social media to post a mysterious teaser with the caption “COMING SOON” alongside an updated band photo. So yeah – new material. Get stoked.

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So what will the new stuff sound like? In a recent interview with Knotfest’s She’s With The Band, Kittie guitarist and vocalist Morgan Lander joked that the new music won’t have you rummaging around for your JNCO jeans.

“I think marrying some of the ideas, ’cause I don’t think we’re ever going to put our JNCOs [jeans] on again,” said Morgan. “But, yeah, the idea of marrying some of those ideas — like who we are now with the ideas of who maybe we used to be and kind of being able to meet somewhere in the middle, but in a way that will just create something brand new again. I’m excited for it to be unleashed upon the world.”

Drummer Mercedes Lander added: “I’m gonna say that we are just really stoked to write 1,200 percent bangers. I think that’s just where we’re at now. We want people to feel good. We want people to feel what we’re feeling. I feel like bangers, that’s what we’re good at.”

Kittie‘s upcoming material will be their first since I’ve Failed You in 2011.

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