“Laid To Rest” is one of the best-known songs in the Lamb Of God repertoire. The debut single from their 2004 album Ashes Of The Wake – which coincidentally will be played in full in the band’s upcoming North America tour just announced – the track remains one of the most iconic songs in all of metal history. 

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In one of the “song breakdown” videos from Drumeo, current Lamb Of God drummer Art Cruz dissects the songs and explains how he plays the track which was originally recorded by Chris Adler.

“‘Laid To Rest’ was actually the first song I ever heard of by Lamb Of God.” says Cruz “It changed my life forever, and completely opened up a lot of doors for me. I’ve been playing this song since 2017. This is how I play it, probably not exactly the way it was recorded, but I’m an emotional drummer, I love performing, and this is how I do it.”

Check out Cruz‘s performance, along with his explanation and tips, in the video above.

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