Brodequin is back after 20 years with a new record dubbed Harbinger Of Woe due out March 22, and is now streaming absolutely crushing new track “Suffocation In Ash”. Equal parts driving death metal and slamming brutality, “Suffocation In Ash” is created only to destroy.

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“I sought to shed light on an execution method rooted in antiquity,” said Brodequin bassist and vocalist Jamie Bailey. “This specific technique often escapes the attention of those intrigued by these kinds of historical practices. Lyrically, my aim was to transport the listener into the vivid depiction of the scene I attempt to portray.”

He added: “Basically, the victim, who’s held in a tower that’s specifically designed for this sort of thing, is immersed in ash.”

Harbinger Of Woe is available for pre-order here.

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