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Iowa power trio Mutilated By Zombies is back with a new record Scenes From The Afterlife due out March 8, and a new single “Severely Severed” streaming above. If you’re in the mood for that stop-and-go brutality you’d normally hear from (old) Decapitated and Dying Fetus, then you’re gonna love this!

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“Imagine a macabre throne made up entirely of the bones and skulls from victims of ritualistic killings,” said the band. “‘Severely Severed’ goes into detail describing the making of this gruesome display. The video was filmed on the land where we write and rehearse. We wanted a live performance video, reminiscent of old school death metal from the 90s.”

Scenes From The Afterlife was mixed and mastered by J.B. Van Der Wal, given artwork by Karl Dahmer, and laid out by Nestor Carrera. Pre-orders are available here (and here on Bandcamp).

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