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G.B.I. (Grohl, Benante and Ian) is the moniker for the impromptu supergroup involving Foo FightersDave Grohl and Anthrax’s Scott Ian and Charlie Benante.

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The trio recorded two Bad Brains tracks – from their 1982 landmark album The Regulator –  during the Anthrax’s recording sessions, and the result will be released as a RSD-exclusive etched 7-inch in only 3000 copies worldwide.

The story behind this unexpected union is as punk rock as it gets, according to Scott Ian: “Anthrax were recording our new album at 606 and the Foo’s were there rehearsing at the same time. Dave had popped into the studio to hang and listen to what we were doing and we’d gone over to hear the Foo’s rehearse.””

“I texted Dave the next morning and said: “Hey! Good to see ya the other day. Are you rehearsing today? I’ll be there doing guitars. Wanna record a Minor Threat song? Bad Brains?” He replied immediately with the Spotify link for The Regulator. I said I’d be there at 12:30 PM and he said, “See you at 1.” It was that simple.”

“We recorded at 606. Charlie and I asked Dave if he’d play drums and sing as well, he was in. Charlie plays bass and I’m on guitar. Charlie did the badass art for the cover. The spark to do this was to raise money for HR’s healthcare. All the proceeds will be donated to him for that. And what better day to do it than Record Store Day? It helps Indie stores as well, win/win.” Ian added.

Fueled by their shared admiration for Bad Brains, the trio wasted no time channeling their inner H.R.: “We ripped Regulator live in 2 takes, the way it should be! It was so much fun to get to play with Dave on drums and to hear his voice with my guitar! We’re all such huge Bad Brains fans and have asked WWBBD? (What would Bad Brains do?) many times. Hope you get a copy!” he finished.

Record Store Day happens this April and you can get more details about the event here.

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