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High On Fire is back! Yes, legendary stoner metal band High On Fire has just announced their first new album Cometh The Storm for April 19 and is now streaming the first single “Burning Down”. Cometh The Storm was recorded at GodCity Studio in Salem, MA with producer Kurt Ballou, while the single itself features visuals from Lars Kristoffer Hormander.

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Pre-orders are available here.

“‘Burning Down’ kicks off with a classic Pike riff,” said High On Fire bassist Jeff Matz. “I think this song harkens back to the early High On Fire sound, but infused with fresh, new elements. It has a killer groove that you can really sink into. The body of the song took shape in our PNW rehearsal space, and we came up with the bridge/solo section and finalized the arrangement while we were at GodCity. Kurt Ballou‘s input as a producer was also hugely helpful. His keen ears and fresh perspective were invaluable in making this album.”

Frontman Matt Pike added: “I think this band’s always had a really good drive. It’s a different entity. It’s its own thing. Which, I think, makes all of us very proud to be a part of it. It’s not an average band.”

Drummer Coady Willis said: “Being a fan of each other’s bands for a long time, it feels like all bets are off and anything goes which is a liberating feeling. That feeling of making something out of all of these imperfect parts and it becomes this magical, weird, new idea that none of us ever anticipated. Against all odds. That’s the joy of it.”

Offers producer Kurt Ballou: “It’s interesting, whenever there’s a lineup change in a band. It can take a little while to rebuild. But it’s also an opportunity to reinvigorate the band and I think that’s what’s happened here.”

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