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Tracey Paleo is the publisher and personality of Gia On The Move. She is a Board Member/Awards Co-Chair of the Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle (LADCC). A Theater Critic, she also occasionally contributes to Broadway World Los Angeles.

As a lifelong supporter of and performer within the arts, Tracey began her professional career as an actress and dancer appearing on television, radio, stage and in movie at the age of eight. Her writing career began at age twelve when she was asked to review the entire collection of the Hardy Boys Nancy Drew Mysteries as a young reviewer for the Boston Phoenix.

As a performer she is most recognized for her lead role in Martin Scorsese’s, “The Departed”, as Darlene and her appearances on Law & Order Criminal Intent. She also appeared as a lead dancer in the 80s hit dance show, “Dance Jam 88”.

Tracey has written for a variety of media outlets and blogs including Discover Hollywood, The Tolucan Times, and Food Truck News. She is the former Editor of FootLights Publishing.

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