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Here’s a new one – the New York City Department of Buildings shut down a Mindforce show at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, NY on February 16. The shutdown occurred midway through Balmora‘s set, which show promoter LIHCshows questioned.

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“Yo! I didn’t want to not say something about the Mindforce gig so here ya go,” wrote LIHCshows. “Without saying too much, yes the show was shut down by DOB [Department of Buildings] – not a fire marshal and not NYPD. If you work construction you know how miserable dealing with DOB can be. Please do not take any frustrations out on the venue.

“To me – it seemed like a personal vendetta + attack on the venue. DOB just doesn’t show up at 8 pm on a Friday . We’re potentially trying to figure out a make up date so give us until next week to figure out what’s going on instead of DMing Me, Mindforce or the venue about refunds when the show was shut down not even a hour ago

“I’m sorry to Mindforce that they didn’t get to play . I’m sorry to y’all who came out tonight to see Mindforce . And finally I’m sorry to Saint Vitus that they have to deal with this BS.”

So what the hell happened? According to a complaint filed on the (as obtained by Lambgoat), there were a few reasons. Why this had to be done midway through a show and not during the off hours of the venue is beyond me.

The complaint reads: “As of Friday, September 22, 2023 the following are facts about 1120 Manhattan Avenue know to the public as Saint Vitus Bar: 1) Saint Vitus Bar does not have any maximum occupancy signs posted anywhere, and more often than not they host more people than their allotted maximum capacity. 2) Saint Vitus Bar’s most recent Certificate of Occupancy on file with the Department of Buildings does not allow it to operate as an eating/drinking establishment. There is no other Certificate of Occupancy or Letter of No Objection that supersedes their Certificate of Occupancy dated November 12, 1953.

“3) Saint Vitus Bar is currently operating without a Place of Assembly Certificate of Operation (PACO). 4) Saint Vitus Bar was issued summons (see ECB Violation # 39090715Z) for ALTERED/CHANGE BUILDING OCCUPIED WITHOUT A VALID C OF O AS PER 28-118.3.1- 28-118.1-2. They have paid the penalty but have not corrected the situation. I will continue to make this complaint on a daily basis until either the Department of Buildings performs an inspection or until Saint Vitus Bar can remedy their situation.”

Saint Vitus has not yet commented on the situation.

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