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For quite some time now, Huff ‘N Puff has held a special place in the hearts of a select group of slot players. It’s rare to encounter a game that garners as much curiosity and discussion as this one. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that it has received the sequel treatment in the form of Huff & Even More Puff. Initially, my impression at a glance during G2E was that it was a subtle extension of the brand, akin to recent Light and Wonder games, which typically introduce some volatility to the bonus while keeping the core game unchanged.

At first glance, the bet panel seemed to support this notion, with identical bet increments to its predecessor at the penny level: 75 credits for a game with all ways pays. However, upon closer inspection, it became evident that the game had undergone significant revisions beyond that. The reductions in payouts are substantial compared to the original version. Although they introduced a symbol replacement feature that could potentially result in more symbols, when weighed against these reductions, including the impact on poker symbols, the outlook is not favorable.

Moreover, Huff & Even More Puff introduces two additional poker symbols, making it more challenging to achieve line hits due to the increased variety of symbols, which also offer meager payouts. A less significant change was the replacement of traffic cones with measuring tape, maintaining the same number of semi-premium symbols. Overall, this shift appears to significantly reduce the emphasis on base game payouts, presumably to balance the bonuses.

The bonus mechanism remains familiar, with the ability to trigger it by landing six hats, operating nearly identically to before. The main alteration is that if a hat lands where a mansion house border already exists, it upgrades another space on the reels (the most favorable one available) instead of awarding a prize payout of 10 times your wager, unless all 15 spaces have mansion borders, in which case it reverts to the 10x payout. Additionally, buzz saw symbols have been introduced, and landing three of them triggers a wheel spin.

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