Phyllis squashed The Bug at Crimson Lights on Young & the Restless. No one was there to see besides the coffeehouse staff. If only Sharon & Esther had known ahead of time they could sold tickets & filled the place.

Rock (Phyllis) | Danny Romalotti | Hard Place (Cricket)

Dreamy Danny Romalotti (Michael Damian) is between a rock & a hard place on Young & the Restless

Phyllis squashed the bug, Danny watches, Y&R.

…& he put him there himself.

Um, Dear Danny… What is up with the kissy-kissy-make-out-sitch back-&-forth with your ex-wives Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) & Cricket/Christine Blair/Christine Williams (Lauralee Bell)? Did you not think that sooner than later you would be held accountable in the court of Genoa City?

Phyllis Summers Doubles Down & Squashes The Bug

If the powers that be at Crimson Lights knew that this showcase showdown would be happening, would they have not sold tickets? Much more coffee would have been sold & there would be even more tea to share in Genoa City.

Even without any wine or a dress/robe that showed one of Phyllis’s bras &/or extreme cleavage, Phyllis got Danny to admit in front of Christine that he cares about Phyllis.

However, that’s where it ends per Danny Romalottis between a rock & a hard place.

Cricket isn’t buying it…

Phyllis Squashed The Bug & Calls Bullshit on Y&R

Phyllis is right. Danny is a convenient rebound for Christine after being ousted by Paul Williams (Doug Davidson). Are Christine & Paul even divorced yet?

Without courtrooms in Genoa City, even Christine doesn’t know if her last name is Williams or Blair right now?

On the other hand, Cricket attempted to call bullshit on Phyllis. The only item Christine would have on Phyllis right now that she has not completed any hours whatsoever of her community service after faking her death & killing Jeremy Stark (James Hyde).

Should Sharon get her crap together & sell pre-sale to the next Danny Romalotti Between a Rock & a Hard Place Show at Crimson Lights??

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