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Hailing from Long Island, Atomic Life boasts a lineup of seasoned musicians, each with a decorated history in the New York hardcore scene. Behind the drums sits the legendary Billy Rymer, whose impressive resume includes stints with The Dillinger Escape Plan, Ho9909, and Thoughtcrimes. Shredding on guitar is Cody Hosza, a familiar face to fans of Glassjaw, while Michael Sadis, formerly of NK and The Rivalry, lays down the groove on bass.

Atomic Life also features the captivating Adea Frances, a versatile and dynamic performer who brings her powerful vocals and evocative lyrics to the table. Their combination of experience and fresh energy creates a sound that is both familiar and electrifying, palpable in their debut single, “Hit Me First,” now available on streaming platforms.

Catch Atomic Life live at their debut show on March 30th at Heaven Can Wait in NYC alongside Bang Gramblers, Beat Radio, and I Love You, I’m Sorry.

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