Vancouver’s Wormwitch and Atlanta’s Sadistic Ritual have announced a brand new split due out March 22. The split features three new tracks from each band, and you can check out both “Spells Of Tartarus” and “The Recusant” below. Pre-orders are available here.

“At long last this split can see the light of day,” said Wormwitch. “We recorded our tracks in the summer of ’22 and have been champing at the bit to get them released. We’re beyond stoked to get to do this split release with the Sadistic Ritual boys, their songs on this one absolute rip. Speaking for ourselves, these tracks signify a focus shift towards the more feral, aggressive and speed-loaded aspects of our sound.”

Added Sadistic Ritual: “It’s time to finally release our follow up songs to our The Enigma, Boundless record! It includes the same musical approach and ideological concepts as our previous record: Paranoia, dystopian undertones of society and the flaws of common human nature today. Wormwitch perfectly reflects our resentment towards the world we live in. We are honored to share this record with these fucking maniacs.

“‘The Recusant’ is a person who refuses to submit to an authority or to comply with a regulation. This song is about Big Brother always watching, and their perverse obsession with our lives. The imprisonment of civilians who cannot afford their own immunity to jail unlike the sleazy politicians/criminals who control our day-to-day lives. They Watch!”

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