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After nearly two years of creative exploration and self-reflection, Jesse Leach has confirmed the completion of vocal recording sessions for Killswitch Engage‘s upcoming album. The band’s journey at Zing Recording Studio in Westfield, MA, seems to have been a rollercoaster of reinvention, perseverance, and ultimately success.

In a social media post, Leach shared insights into the intense process, highlighting moments of introspection and dedication. He emphasized the importance of pouring one’s heart and soul into artistic expression, confronting challenges, and striving for authenticity.

“The headphones are hung and the mic is off. Just shy of 2 years of creativity, destruction, reinvention, eventual clarity, and then triumph!
 I screamed my last scream and wrapped up vocals for the new Killswitch Engage‘s album. I stood here, sang, screamed, yelled, growled, whispered and spoke here. I sat here, sprawled out on the floor here, did pushups here, cracked my back here, did yoga poses here, and contemplated my failures and restarts here in this small space. In short, I felt a rebirth of myself as a vocalist and writer.”

“That may sound dramatic to some and chuckle or scoff if you will but that is some real talk from me. If you aren’t giving this shit your everything if you aren’t facing your demons and doubts, and if you aren’t creating your best work (despite the challenges and suffering you’re intentionally putting yourself through) are you even creating authentic expressive art?
That’s for you to decide. I’m on my own vibe, my own mission. The message is woven in, the intent is set, and the passion has been bled. The rest of all of this process is out of my hands. Then when you listen it becomes yours and it all changes and grows in a process that has nothing to do with me.”

Acknowledging the support of his bandmates and collaborators, Leach expressed gratitude for their patience and camaraderie throughout the arduous journey: “I must say a big thank you to my brothers in Killswitch Engage for their patience and support during this long difficult process. Between the rewrites and the re-recording of a lot of material. I am satisfied! I gave this my all I had and that is already a success in my eyes.”

“Also a crucial mention of my fiance, for her support and dealing with all my lows and highs while making this album! I drove her crazy! Adam D busted my balls saying I would make this post and because of his ball busting, I must say the album is far from done.”

Leach also singled out Adam D, recognizing his pivotal role in shaping Killswitch Engage‘s sound and fostering artistic evolution

“Now begins the long arduous process of editing, re-amping, embellishments, mixing, and all of the creative things Adam will do to ensure the album is up to his high standards. He truly is the backbone and driving force of this band. I can easily say if it weren’t for him this band wouldn’t be what it is today and I wouldn’t be the vocalist and writer I am today. Grateful and very excited for what is to come! Now the long wait begins…”

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