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Plans to immortalize Motörhead iconic frontman Ian “Lemmy” Kilmiste, with a statue in his hometown of Burslem, England have been officially approved.

Standing tall at 2.2 meters, the statue will be crafted from local Staffordshire clay by renowned sculptor Andy Edwards, the artist behind the famous Beatles statue on Liverpool’s Pier Head. This tribute will find its permanent home in Burslem’s Market Place, serving as a lasting reminder of Lemmy‘s legacy and deep connection to his birthplace.

The project, however, faced initial concerns from local authorities regarding potential “good-natured but potentially incident-generating attention.” To address these concerns, the artist has agreed to raise the statue’s plinth from 2.5 meters to 3 meters, ensuring a more respectful and secure placement.

To bring this vision to life, a fundraising campaign aiming to raise £50,000 has been launched. This initiative, spearheaded by local developer Mark Curran, reflects the dedication and passion fans hold for Lemmy and his enduring impact on the metal world.

This isn’t the first time Lemmy has been immortalized in bronze. Following his passing in 2015, a statue was erected at the Rainbow Bar & Grill in Los Angeles in 2016, and another massive statue saw the light of day in 2022, at the grounds of the Hellfest festival in Clisson, France, with some of Lemmy‘s ashes also contained within the statue.

Crank up the volume of your favorite Motörhead tunes, raise a glass, and toast to Lemmy‘s spirit and legend to continue to resonate in Burslem, forever etched in metal (couldn’t be more apropos than that!).

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