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Y&R’s Audra goes desperate & is now totally out of character. Ashley Abbott is still crazy & may as well be living at the GCAC unless she gets put into Memorial first.

…& this might happen on The Young & the Restless…

Audra Goes Desperate & Ashley Abbott Stays Crazy

Whoa!… Audra Charles (Zuleyka Silver) has more feelings?!? Audra softened up with Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) when she was still with Newman Media but behind closed doors. Now Audra is in & out of the Genoa City Athletic Club desperately trying to be a twosome with Tucker McCall (Trevor St. John) with a topping of marking her territory with Ashley at the Abbott Estate.

What is seriously happening right now on Young & the Restless? Audra is acting desperate & out of character & Ashley Abbott is pretending not to be crazy.

Make Audra Charles Without Feelings Again on Y&R

While Young & the Restless fans enjoyed Audra being supportive of her then boss Nikki Newman, Y&R fans aren’t sure about her now being publicly in love with Tucker McCall & her desperate pitch to Ashley to stay away.

Tucker & Audra, Drinks at the GCAC on Y&R

There’s no doubt that Audra & Tucker have a strong connection, but what is with Audra’s desperation? Where did Genoa City’s newest beautiful corporate pot stirrer go? Audra Charles can be in love? Apparently, she can… & knows that Tucker will always have feelings for Ashley.

Is Ashley Abbott Moving Into the GCAC, Closer to Tucker?

At this point, Ashley Abbott may as well be living at the Genoa City Athletic Club. As a matter of fact, she stayed there the other night after visiting Tucker’s room unannounced & without an invitation. Ashley was so tired afterward that she had to get a suite of her own.

Ashley Abbott still works at Jabot, right? She mentioned to her roommates at the Abbott Estate going into the lab today but called Tucker for a drink instead.

Tucker McCall & Ashley Abbott, Y&R

For weeks on end, Ashley Abbott has taken up Young & the Restless viewer’s time with running into Tucker on purpose despite claiming to be scared of him. Now that she has admitted that Tucker’s version of what happened at the cafe in Paris is correct, she’s still seeking him out.

Does Ashley Abbott really work at Jabot? Tucker isn’t employed & he lives at the GCAC. Ergo, Tucker stirring up trouble at the club is entertaining & makes sense.

What is actually up with Ashley & her commitment to her family legacy that is talked about so much amongst the Abbotts?

Not every Y&R fan is buying that Ashley Abbott really believes Tucker McCall’s version of what happened in Paris. It’s apparent that she’s still crazy & is desperate herself.

Is Ashley Abbott seeing Audra’s desperation & raising her a hotel suite at the GCAC? Will Audra & Tucker really go to Paris? If Audra & Tucker do go to Paris, can they please go to that same cafe & cause some trouble?

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