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Sweden’s Horndal is back with a new single “Blacklisted” and a new record Head Hammer Man due out April 5. The record tells the previously untold real life story of Alrik Andersson, a 1900s union leader from Horndal‘s hometown and his role in The Great Strike. Head Hammer Man will be accompanied by a book, to be announced at a later date.

“This is by far our our most ambitious album, both musically and lyrically,” said Horndal of the record. “We started with two questions: 1. Can you make a metal album with sounds inspired by 60’s jazz drummers? Apparently! 2. Can that album fit the untold story about when events in our rusted hometown almost started a civil war in Sweden? No, you have to write a book too. So we did.”

Of “Blacklisted”, the band adds: “When the violent Great Strike in 1909 was over, our unsung hero had managed to save his fellow workers jobs and livelihood. But not his own. He was blacklisted all over Sweden and was forced into exile. He fled over the Atlantic with his wife and young children. The music is as heavy and bleak as the lyrics. Even though there is a riff stolen from Sparks in there. You gotta love Sparks.”

Pre-orders are available here.

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