Card games within larger video games can be extremely hit or miss. Inserting an optional deckbuilding TCG is one thing, but tying it to a side-quest storyline is risky. Thankfully, Queen’s Blood is downright fantastic. Within the first couple of matches, the collectible card game sunk its hooks in us. During our gameplay sessions, we spent hours poring over our decks, crafting our strategies, and challenging every player we could find in Junon, Corel, Nibelheim, and every other Final Fantasy VII Rebirth region. 

And if having superb, lane-based mechanics isn’t enough, Queen’s Blood is more than just a simple card game you can choose to engage with; one of the most intriguing side-storylines unfolds as you work your way up the ranks to become the world’s number-one Queen’s Blood player. Not only that, but we loved drawing blood against every single player we could find to add various rare cards to our collections, pushing us to jump back into the deck-builder to tinker with our collection. Queen’s Blood may be intimidating at first, but if you take the time to learn, you’ll find one of the best in-game TCGs out there, and a minigame that deserves to be mentioned alongside the best minigames in Final Fantasy history.

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