Child – the band featuring vocalist Jocke Lindström (The Grifted), guitarists Alex Stjernfeldt (Grand Cadaver) and Per Stålberg (Division Of Laura Lee), bassist Staffan Persson (Let Them Hang), and drummer Albin Sköld (Aardena) – is now streaming the live music video for their single “Time Island”. The single was filmed at Musikens Hus Gothenburg, which you can check out in all its furious glory above.

“We are heading fast into the new dark ages,” wrote Child of their upcoming record. “Man-made destruction of society, of eco systems, of the world as we know it. We ignore all warnings, as long as we can grow our wealth. The world leaders create chasms in society. Terror, hatred, war is the result of their polarisation. We are heading fast for annihilation… And maybe that’s for the best. Everything sucks. Everything’s fucked.”

Pre-orders for Shitegeist are available here.

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