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Atræ Bilis has announced their sophomore effort Aumicide for April 19, and is now streaming the crushing debut single “Salted In Stygia”. If this isn’t the record that blasts Atræ Bilis to a much bigger audience, then maybe there’s no hope for some of y’all.

“Any song could have been selected as a single, for each is one smaller part of a greater whole,” said Atræ Bilis guitarist and lyricist David Stepanavicius. “However, ‘Salted In Stygia’ was chosen for it accounts the artwork image. At this locus of the album’s concept, an apparatus designed to ingress a synthesized Hell, has been punctured into the nervous system of a test subject. Why? To manipulate the causality of manifestation, and to orchestrate the hologram.”

“Just like our previous releases, you can expect the story arc to include another dismal rebirth. However, between this single and that junction, Aumicide recites the snuffing of the human spirit, as experienced from the inside.”

Aumicide was produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Christian Donaldson of Cryptopsy. The album is completed with cover art featuring a sculpture by Michael Perry and Angela Webber at Grayhouse Studios, photography by Rob Zawistowski and Savannah Bagshaw, and the layout and design by Marko Jerković at Wrathdesign.

Pre-orders are available here.

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