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This week’s top tracks include some hardcore riffs from Knocked Loose, a Born Of Osiris track sure to please old-school fans, a standalone Demon Hunter track, and way more! Check out the playlist on Spotify here and on Apple Music here. This week’s new additions include:

  • “Blinding Faith” – Knocked Loose
  • “A Mind Short Circuiting” – Born Of Osiris
  • “Worlds Apart” – Demon Hunter
  • “Conflict” – Slaughter To Prevail
  • “Empire” – Wheel
  • “New Heaven” – Inter Arma
  • “Blacklisted” – Horndal
  • “Birth Of The Nephalem” – Volcandra
  • “Forced Disorder” – Coffins
  • “Shrouded In Crystals” – Civerous
  • “Salted In Stygia” – Atræ Bilis

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