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Sepultura played the kickoff to their farewell tour last night, March 1 at the Arena Hall in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. The show was also the debut of new drummer Greyson Nekrutman, who replaced Eloy Casagrande after he (supposedly hastily) left Sepultura in February. The show ran as follows:

  1. “Refuse/Resist”
  2. “Territory”
  3. “Slave New World”
  4. “Phantom Self”
  5. “Dusted” (first time since 2016)
  6. “Attitude”
  7. “Kairos”
  8. “Means to an End”
  9. “Cut-Throat”
  10. “Guardians of Earth”
  11. “Mind War” (first time since 2015)
  12. “False” (first time since 2019)
  13. “Choke”
  14. “Escape to the Void” (first time since 2019)
  15. “Kaiowas”
  16. “Sepulnation”
  17. “Biotech Is Godzilla” (first time since 2018)
  18. “Agony of Defeat”
  19. “Troops of Doom”
  20. “Arise”
  21. “Ratamahatta”
  22. “Roots Bloody Roots”

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