Resorts, attractions and big name acts are leaving Las Vegas! Time’s almost up for the Tropicana, as the resort will soon be demolished to make room for the new baseball stadium and resort! Plus, the Mirage Volcano will soon be just a memory, but the timing of the removal is a bit murky. And while this is happening, U2’s Vegas residency has come to an end!


The days of the Tropicana are numbered, my friends. And that number is less than 30… as in: We have less than a month to go before the Tropicana closes its doors forever on April 2nd. The real question is: What happens after that?

We all know that the Tropicana is leaving Las Vegas and coming down at some point, we just don’t know exactly how. Will it be taken down piece by piece, as in a demolition? Or will it all come down at once, in a big old implosion? But I mean, we’re all rooting for implosion… right?

Once the Tropicana is gone, that 35 acre parcel of land will be put to better use. Nine of the acres will be where the new professional baseball stadium is built, right on the Las Vegas Strip... and everyone’s excited about that. The remainder of the land will be used to build a resort… probably the brand new Bally’s Las Vegas.

While we wait to see what happens with the Tropicana, let’s slide on down the Strip a ways to the Mirage Volcano, which is back up and running following its closure during the Super Bowl… but no one knows how long it’s going to stay open. Yes, the Mirage Volcano is leaving Las Vegas, and its days are also numbered. We just have no idea what that number is.

Hard Rock insists that the Volcano will be removed at some point to make way for their giant, guitar-shaped hotel which no one, besides them, really seems to want. It would probably make just too much sense for them to simply keep an attraction that so many people love, and that draws in so much free foot traffic. But hey, what do I know about business?

What I do know is that Hard Rock has until December of 2025 to keep using the name “Mirage”, so at some point between now and then, I guess we’ll find out. And finally this week, U2 performed their very last show at the Las Vegas Sphere on March 2nd, officially leaving Las Vegas and closing out their residency. The sold out crowd was treated to an amazing show, plus there was a very special guest in the audience.

Yes, what was supposed to be just a few shows to open the new arena turned into a 5 month residency. And at their last show, on the front row, was none other than first lady of the United States Jill Biden. Of course, she didn’t want to attend a you show… she just happened to wander in looking for Joe after he failed to return from the restroom. But I mean, it it still counts right?


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