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Mutilation Barbecue will their debut full-length album Amalgamations Of Gore via Maggot Stomp on March 29, and we’re thrilled to stream the second brutal single “Xenomorphic Organ Rearrangement”. Look – you saw what the band name is, the album name is, and the song name is. If you’re expecting anything other than a song that’s going to cave your head into the base of your fucking spine, you’re wrong.

“This was the last song written for the record and one we sunk a lot of time into combining different stuff with some more melodic and technical riffs juxtaposed with our more groove-oriented brutal death inspired sound,” said Mutilation Barbecue drummer Harrison Good.

“Musically we’re very proud of the way this one came together and think it might be one of our best yet and to me signifies how far we’ve come as a group and how much more cooperative our songwriting approach is now as opposed to our earlier stuff. Writing this felt like firing on all cylinders as a band.”

Amalgamations Of Gore was mixed and mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dear Air Studios (Magrudergrind, Fugitive), and completed with cover art by Colter Masson (Nuclear Remains, Kthulhu). Amalgamations Of Gore is available for pre-order here and here via Bandcamp.

You can also catch Mutilation Barbecue at one of the dates below.

3/8 No Class – Cleveland, OH (w/ Feticide)
3/9 Blind Rage – Dayton, OH (w/ Feticide)
3/10 I Fell Art Gallery – Bloomington, IN (w/ Feticide)
6/30 New England Death Metal Bonanza @ The Five/Nine – Litchfield

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