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Modern life is bleak. Final Siege is here to magnify that bleakness at warp speed with their thrashing new record Nuclear Doom State, due out March 8. Because y’know, we’re only one button push away from becoming a smoldering pile of cosmic ash.

Nuclear Doom State is a great representation of the pure raw sound that we collectively love as musicians,” said Final Siege frontman Gil Anthony Vives. “We have put our influences into each song, which turned out to be a perfect blend for the Final Siege sound going forward.”

Nuclear Doom State was recorded at 2525 Studios in Long Island City, NY. Ameer “The Beheader” Aljallad mixed and mastered the record, while Vives produced it. Nuclear Doom State is also the band’s first with its new lineup of Gil Anthony Vives, George Garcia, Rob Maldonado. and Aljallad.

Pre-order Nuclear Doom State here before we’re all dead, or this record rips your body to shreds. Whatever comes first.

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