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Fleshgod Apocalypse is back with a new song detailing a real-life tragedy. The band is now streaming “Pendulum”, which is not only their first song since frontman Francesco Paoli‘s 2021 tragic mountain climbing accident, but one that chronicles the horrifying experience.

“This is the first song we release since my ‘dance’ with death, back in August 2021,” said Paoli. “It’s obvious that such a life changing event would have affected our music. It took a toll on me, physically and mentally, and sharing my experience is also part of my healing process. ‘Pendulum’ is just the opening chapter of a bigger story, which is yet to be told…”

“Pendulum” was mixed and mastered by Grammy-nominated producer Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Epica, Arch Enemy), a music video music video directed by Martina L. McLean, and artwork by Italian artist Ludovico Cioffi.

On the video, Paoli adds: “The music video, realized by visionary Italian director Martina L. McLean, turned my unfortunate incident into a monumental visual experience, an awe inspiring blend of obscure symbolism, surreal architectures and nightmarish mythological creatures. It perfectly portraits the struggle and the desperation of that day, a day of defeat… but also the day of my rebirth.”

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