Slipknot has been awfully quiet about who’s replacing Jay Weinberg on drums, but one thing’s for certain – they’ve got someone.

Slipknot posted a photo of a broken drumstick on their social media with the caption “rehearsal,” indicating that they’ve at least got a new drummer lined up for live shows. No word on if it’s Eloy Casagrande now that he’s split from the soon-to-be-broken-up Sepultura but… I mean, we’re all guessing it is, right? Doubly so considering Casagrande‘s power behind the kit and the insinuation of the photo.

It’d also be pretty funny if Casagrande joined Slipknot seeing as he’d be taking Weinberg‘s place, who took Greyson Nekrutman‘s place in Suicidal Tendencies, who took Casagrande‘s place in Sepultura. Musical chairs, but for professional drummers!

Slipknot‘s first show of 2024 is scheduled for April 27 at Sick New World. So time isn’t exactly on the band’s side. Also, I’m just saying that maybe I called this.

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