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Last week we ran a poll asking Metal Injection readers what the best record from 2004 was, and y’all came out in droves! The results are also largely unsurprising – Mastodon‘s Leviathan and Lamb Of God‘s Ashes Of The Wake are two stone cold classics that everyone loves so damn much that they’re getting their own tour.

The top 20 of 2024 as voted on by you are:

  1. MastodonLeviathan
  2. Lamb Of GodAshes Of The Wake
  3. Killswitch EngageThe End Of Heartache
  4. SlipknotVol 3: The Subliminal Verses
  5. NecrophagistEpitaph
  6. The Dillinger Escape PlanMiss Machine
  7. ExodusTempo Of The Damned
  8. WintersunWintersun
  9. RammsteinReise, Reise
  10. IsisPanopticon
  11. ClutchBlast Tyrant
  12. UnderoathThey’re Only Chasing Safety
  13. In FlamesSoundtrack To Your Escape
  14. NightwishOnce
  15. UnearthThe Oncoming Storm
  16. BehemothDemigod
  17. Pig DestroyerTerrifyer
  18. Shadows FallThe War Within
  19. MegadethThe System Has Failed
  20. Cradle Of FilthNymphetamine
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