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A bustling crossroads of African, Arab, and European cultures, the ancient city of Marrakech has the ability to dazzle and overwhelm its visitors all at once. But life moves at a slower pace in the city outskirts just a 25-minute drive away where The Oberoi, Marrakech is located. For travelers who want to get lost in the souks but also lounge poolside under olive trees, the Moroccan outpost created by India’s iconic luxury hotel company offers the best of both worlds.


A Palace with Picturesque Views

Oberoi Marrakech views

Stepping into The Oberoi feels like being welcomed into the home of royalty. After being served fresh mint tea, guests are escorted to a foyer that reveals the property’s majestic views of the Atlas Mountains and surrounding 28 acres of cyprus, olive and orange trees—The Oberoi enlisted the designer behind Marrakech’s famous Jardin Majorelle to create its immaculately landscaped grounds.

Most of the hotel’s 84 rooms are private villas dotted across the gardens. Guests can borrow a bicycle or request a golf buggy pickup to navigate the expansive property, which includes three restaurants, a bar, an indoor and outdoor pool and a floating spa on its own body of water.

Ancient Morocco-Inspired Architecture

Oberoi Marrakech architecture

More than 200 of the best artisans across the country were enlisted to construct The Oberoi—a painstaking process that took several years. Through their talents and meticulous attention to detail, a resort resembling a 14th-century Moroccan palace was built from the ground up.

Oberoi Marrakech architecture
Oberoi Marrakech architecture

The Oberoi’s courtyard is particularly stunning: a marble masterpiece decorated with intricate cedar wood carvings and colorful zellij (mosaic tilework). If the space looks familiar, it’s because it’s a tribute to Madrasa Ben Youssef, a historic Islamic school that is now one of the most famous monuments in Marrakech.

Fine Dining With an Indian Focus

Oberoi Marrakech dining
Oberoi Marrakech dining

Rivayat is the first fine-dining Indian restaurant in Marrakech and alone worth a visit to The Oberoi. Under the leadership of renowned Michelin-starred chef Rohit Ghai, its menu boasts a range of dishes delicately spiced but bursting with flavor. All of the curries are an absolute dream.

The international restaurant, Tamimt, also serves Indian favorites alongside Moroccan and Mediterranean dishes. It’s the only place in the city where it’s possible to order an Indian breakfast, from an à la carte menu that includes classics like chole puri and masala dosa. Otherwise, guests have Moroccan and English breakfast options to choose from, as well as a buffet featuring cold-pressed juices, fresh fruits and made-to-order eggs.

Oberoi Marrakech dining
Oberoi Marrakech dining

Come evening, the most in-demand seats are at Vue, the aptly named cocktail and wine bar that overlooks the Atlas Mountains and, on most days of the year, promises a brilliant sunset.

An Oasis of Healing & Peace

Oberoi Marrakech pool
Oberoi Marrakech

The Oberoi Spa floats on its own mini island, surrounded by reeds and orchards. To access the 2,000-square-meter space, guests must cross a bridge—a symbolic design element that represents the start of a guest’s wellness journey. Both Moroccan and The Oberoi’s signature treatments are available in the serene setting, all performed in therapy suites with views of the water. For those who like to stay active during their holiday, a variety of classes are available to take at both the gym and yoga studio.

About the author: Erika Hobart is a Japanese-American travel photographer and journalist based in Marrakech (but often elsewhere). Her work has been featured by National Geographic, BBC Travel, Lonely Planet, Travel + Leisure and Fodor’s Travel.

Oberoi Marrakech

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