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The only reason you might not have heard of Bleak is because they just released their debut My Body Is Not Where I Belong on March 11. But you really need to listen to Bleak. In a world of late ’90s and 2000s throwback bands that cash in on alright-to-pretty-good songwriting, Bleak is out here loading their release up with seven bangers.

My Body Is Not Where I Belong is the perfect blend of angsty nü-tinged radio bangers and an almost grungy style of riffing. Couple that with Bleak‘s ability to place a breakdown damn near perfectly and I’d be shocked if this band still had physical copies in stock by this time next week.

Is My Body Is Not Where I Belong perfect? No. Some of the band’s composition could use a little refinement in terms of too much going on in the wrong places (some of the guitar melodies in “Can’t Feel A Thing” come to mind); and some of the vocal melodies get either touch repetitive or feel slightly out-of-place at points (lookin’ at you, “Pile Of Stars”). But for a first effort, this is incredibly promising.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you saw Bleak on either Closed Casket or 20 Buck Spin (alongside Bleed) soon. That, or now that Superheaven is back together, I’m sure they’ll need openers for whatever tours they might have planned.

Do yourself a favor and buy My Body Is Not Where I Belong here.

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