Six Feet Under is back with a new record Killing For Revenge due out May 10, and a new single “Know-Nothing Ingrate” streaming right now. I know everyone is probably poised to make jokes about Chris Barnes‘ vocals, but lemme tell you – dude sounds way better than he did on Nightmares Of The Decomposed.

“I chose the title Killing For Revenge after we completed writing and noticed that all the lyrics and storylines had a common theme of revenge. Revenge by human or revenge by nature,” said Barnes. “The album title describes the flow of the stories within the lyrics perfectly.”

Killing For Revenge marks the second album that Barnes and guitarist Jack Owen (ex-Cannibal Corpse) have created together since reuniting for 2020’s Nightmares Of The Decomposed. Owen also produced Killing For Revenge, which Barnes said about: “We worked well together in Cannibal Corpse. I loved him to death as a friend and a musician, so I’m really comfortable giving him the reins because I just have such great respect for him as an artist.”

“This music was written early in the writing process,” said Owen. “Wanting to keep the aggression of a prior Six Feet Under song like ‘Amputator,’ I wrote music in the style of early Dark Angel or Kreator, who always had cool driving drumbeats. I had all the riffs in my head as I wrote the drums in a couple hours.

“Lyrically, I kicked around a phrase that fit the stop parts throughout the song. After coming up with ‘Know Nothing Ingrate,’ the lyrics wrote themselves. It’s basically about online trolls who voice their uneducated and unnecessarily spiteful review of any artist’s output. You’re entitled to your opinion, and I’m entitled to mine.”

Pre-orders for Killing For Revenge are available here.

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