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Founding Slipknot vocalist Anders Colsefni and his backing band Kaosis released a re-recording of Slipknot‘s 1996 album Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat. earlier this week. The re-recording featured videos of every single song and is currently on all streaming services under the Kaosis name. There’s just one problem – Colsefni never approved the final product.

According to Colsefni in a social media post, the Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat. re-recording was released without his consent. Colsefni adds that he never saw any of the videos released by Kaosis on their channel prior to released either, and hat he plans to re-record the record properly at home.

“Hey everyone, Anders Colsefni here. I wanted to touch base with you about the MFKR release that happened earlier today. It was released without my consent.

“I hadn’t finished going through the audio mixes on the songs when the video came out. This remake was NOT a finished product and I hadn’t even seen the videos prior to its release.

“I am very regrettably going to have to cancel this summer’s MFKR tour, but instead will be remaking this masterpiece back home. I hope you will trust me to do this properly and make you and the die-hard, old school Slipknot fans proud.

“Then, we will look to put this tour together again, beginning where it began, and spreading as far as you want it to.

MFKR is much larger than myself, or any of us who wrote and performed it. If I have to speak for the OGs out there, I can only accept that the utmost care and respect be given to our honoring of this icon of metal history.

“I apologize for any confusion this has caused! AndersOUT”

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