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Is Tara Locke in jail?!? Still?!? How can that possibly be? She can’t be more guilty than Martha Stuart in real life or Ashland Locke’s killer in Genoa City who saw zero jail time.

So, what gives on Young & the Restless?

Now Wanted: Harrison Locke’s Mother Tara Locke on Y&R

Young & the Restless fans for the most part think it’s about time that Tara Locke returns to Genoa City for her son Harrison. However, there are mixed feelings as to whether Elizabeth Leiner who originated the role should roll back into GC as Tara. Or, if another actress is better suited to play the role of Ashland Locke’s ex-wife.

Sure, Elizabeth Leiner played Tara Locke basically like a robot. Y&R fans still don’t really know if she actually had feelings for Ashland Locke (Richard Burgi). However, Tara being arrested for being funny with someone else’s money points that she at least used to be in love with Ashland’s checkbook.

Harrison Locke's mother Tara Locke arrested on Y&R

Regardless of who plays Tara Locke if she does return to Genoa City for her son Harrison, does that mean Ashland Locke will come back from the dead? Ashland Locke’s death was a bit sketchy…

Tara Locke in Jail, Ashland’s Killer Nick is Not… What?

Of course, Golden Boy Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) is not in jail for killing Ashland Locke (Robert Newman). The Great Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) somehow gifted his boy Nick a Get-out-of-Jail free card many, many years ago.

So, Nick Newman didn’t see a minute in the clink for killing Ashland, & Tara Locke is still in jail for some petty financial crime. Young & the Restless fans are not buying it. Even for Soap Opera World, this does not make sense.

Eliminate Harrison or Bring Back His Bio-Mother ASAP?!?

Who knows if Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) is really Harrison’s biological father? It wouldn’t be the first time a paternity test went south in Genoa City.

Summer Newman (Allison Lanier) has been Harrison’s acting mother & that seems to be going well, except for her & Kyle’s divorce. Does Summer have any legal connection to little Harrison? If/when Tara Locke does return for Harrison, what will happen to Summer’s relationship with Harrison?

Also, is Harrison still going by Harrison Locke? Or, is he now Harrison Abbott?

If the powers that be at Young & the Restless do keep Harrison alive & well, a character with tendencies only different from Adam Newman (Mark Grossman right now) is in the works… Well off family to start up, his first dad went by Ashland but was really named Bobby DeFranco at birth, his momma went to jail, he got his biological dad & a fill-in mom & they got divorced, & now his nanny is out sick.

What do you see next for little Harrison? Do you think it’s best for him for his mother Tara to return for him?

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