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Nocturnus AD – the band headed up by former Morbid Angel drummer and vocalist Mike Browning – has announced their new record Unicursal for May 17. The band is now streaming the first single “Unicursal” in all its sci-fi madness glory.

“The first single is called ‘CephaloGod’ and its a song about Cthulhu being awakened from his ancient slumber by his followers when the right stars aligned and opened a portal for him to travel through it to take over the Earth,” said Browning. “The video was done by Wizardhead, his unique style of video producing was the perfect fit to make a video for a Lovecraftian concept like this song has.”

On the new record and its concept, Nocturnus AD‘s label Profound Lore noted: “Unicursal sees Browning, along with guitarists Belial Koblak and Demian Heftel, keyboardist Josh Holdren, and new bassist Kyle Sokol (bass on Unicursal was performed by now ex-bassist Daniel Tucker), continue the journey of Dr. Magus following the events of Paradox.

“Now armed with his bio suit, on Unicursal Dr. Magus issent on a mission to traverse through the Spheres of the the Kabbalistic Tree Of Life to conquer each sphere and collect its respective sigil/symbol. Unicursal will see Dr. Magus specifically travel to Malkuth, Yesod, Hod, and Netzach, the Tree’s lower realm, its roots (the story of Dr. Magus is featured on the album’s second half where the album’s first half will continue to explore ancient occult themes and mysteries from the unknown, separate from Dr. Magus‘ story).”

Unicursal is available for pre-order here.

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