The “Long Goodbye” tour just got longer, as an Eagles residency at the Las Vegas Sphere is set begin this fall. The legendary group will land in the new venue following U2, Phish, and some dead heads. And they are doing this despite finishing their “farewell” tour, which began all the way back in September of 2023 and just finished in North American. That tour now heads to Europe through mid-June.

A specifics number of shows has not been published, and representatives from the Sphere were careful to not confirm anything just yet. “We do not comment on any artists performing at Sphere except for those who have been announced” one of them shared. The New York Post also reached out to the Eagles management for comment, but none was given.

Since they first turned the exterior lights on in July of last year, the Vegas Sphere has captivated the music scene as a venue. Fans eagerly anticipate the next headline act. Now, those reports are that Eagles residency is next up, bringing “Hotel California” to the Strip for a 10-week residency from September to December.

While no other acts are confirmed, speculation of an Eagles residency runs high. A recent survey of 3,000 Americans on the popular Casino.org website revealed that many would like to see Lady Gaga at the Sphere, and perhaps Coldplay, Paul McCartney, or Bon Jovi. There were even rumors last year that Harry Styles could make a stop there… but that never materialized.