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Interscope Records is launching a new subscription service – the Interscope Vinyl Collective – that will offer exclusive pressings of classic albums. The service will offer four subscription tiers featuring billing monthly, every three months, every six months, and annually with increasingly more savings depending on which one you choose.

Music lovers can get their hands on a limited-edition pressing of Nine Inch Nails‘ iconic album, The Downward Spiral, kicking off the subscription service in April. This industrial metal masterpiece will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2024. This limited edition 2LP will feature a gatefold jacket, printed sleeves, 180G black vinyl, a limited edition lithograph insert, and a 12-page vinyl booklet.

And gear up for June, because the Interscope Vinyl Collective also has a special treat lined up for Helmet fans: an exclusive pressing of their 1994 alternative metal album, Betty.

For more details about these pressings, its additional perks, and how to sign up, head over to Interscope Records’ website.

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