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Four Stroke Baron is continuing to peddle their unique brand of anthemic metal thanks to a new record Data Diamond out May 31, and a new single “The Witch” streaming right now. Data Diamond was conceived as two separate EPs (one purely electronic – Data; one heavy – Diamond), and features both Cynic‘s Paul Masvidal and Vola‘s Adam Janzi on its closing title track.

“When we get together, our entire writing process is to scream at each other and tap into a wavelength that we have no control over,” said Four Stroke Baron on Data Diamond. “Before anything is actually recorded, it has been sung, shouted, hummed, or beatboxed into existence.

“With Data Diamond, we have officially created the most efficient path from our mouths to an actual recorded body of work. There is no dumbing down, no overthinking, no compromising, no restrictions, and no rules, except for one. That rule is if you can’t hum a part you just heard after listening to it once, it’s no good.”

Of “The Witch”, Four Stroke Baron adds: “When it comes to progressive music, there seems to be a fear of being too basic or digestible. If a song doesn’t have 20 different ideas and beat switches, it won’t make the cut. We took the opposite approach for ‘The Witch’ and created a simple two riff song. That forced us to be creative and see how we could manipulate only two ideas to form something interesting that doesn’t sound too repetitive.”

Pre-orders for Data Diamond are available here.

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