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Here are the facts – the band’s name is Ten Ton Slug, the album is called Colossal Oppressor, and the new single is called “Mindless And Blind”. If you’re expecting other than the most crushing doom riffs, I have no idea what to tell you.

To make matters even heavier, Colossal Oppressor features vocals from Memoriam/Bolt Thrower frontman Karl Willetts on the track “Brutus”. So maybe just prepare yourselves for an ongoing onslaught of steamroller riffs throughout this whole record… but the first single is a good start.

Colossal Oppressor is out May 1. The record was produced by Ten Ton Slug‘s Sean Sullivan and Rónán Ó hArrachtáin, recorded at Ciaran Culhane Recording, and mixed and mastered at Trackmix Recording Studio Dublin by Michael Richards. Colossal Oppressor was given artwork by Adam Burke and was part funded by the Galway City Arts Office.

Pre-orders are available here.

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