Paul Mazurkiewicz has been drumming for Cannibal Corpse since their inception in 1988, and now he’s got some stuff to say about it. Specifically at The Commodore in Tampa, FL on March 30, where Mazurkiewicz will get on stage for a standup set.

It’s one thing to sit behind a drum kit and melt faces every single night, and it’s a whole different beast when it’s just you, a microphone, and an audience that’s hanging on every word you say. Get tickets for Mazurkiewicz‘s special here once you’re over the shock that Mazurkiewicz does standup.

“Death metal meets alternative comedy in this one-of-a-kind show!” reads a description of the show from The Commodore. “Paul Mazurkiewicz, drummer and founding member of Cannibal Corpse, shares stories from his incredible career that inspire comedy from Tampa’s best improv comedians.”

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