Lamb Of God paused their show at Knotfest Australia in Sydney over the weekend to help out a fan having an epileptic seizure.

“Quiet! I can’t understand what you’re saying all at once. One at a time please. Everybody, be cool, please,” said Blythe to the crowd at the time of the incident. “Thank you. This dude’s having a seizure, so medical is on site. They’re trying to move him in a second. We appreciate your patience. Dude is having a seizure, so… Thank you for being cool, Sydney. Thank you for being cool. We appreciate it.”

Blythe then went on to entertain the crowd in the meantime, asking if anyone had any jokes about Americans and eventually leading an impromptu singalong of “Hey! Baby” by Bruce Channel.

Australian metal site Metal-Roos posted footage of the incident alongside a caption praising both the band and show security for safely addressing the situation.

“Yesterday we got a little roasted in the comments section when we shared a quote stating the Lamb Of God pit at Knotfest Australia Sydney was ‘dangerous’ and the ‘scariest crowd we’ve ever seen’

“If people actually read the review they would realise we were mostly referring to someone having a seizure in the middle of that mayhem. Followed by a lady next to us passing out multiple times and having to be hoisted over the barrier for medical attention.

“Shoutout to Randy for the situational awareness, calling for medical attention, pausing the show to make sure people survived, then trying to break the tension with some humour. Also, a huge shoutout out to the Knotfest staff, security and medical personnel that handled everything like absolute legends with the best possible response. If any of the people caught up in that are reading this, we hope you’re well.

“On a side note, if the frontman of a band known for having some of the wildest crowds on earth has to tell you to pull it back a notch because you’re impaling people on the front barrier, and chastise you for not letting the medical staff through when someone’s seriously hurt, then maybe you’re acting like a bunch of wankers.”

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